365 Days of Happiness – April 25, 2017

Say “Mmmmmm…” when you eat or drink something! Really go all out and feel the deliciousness while humming “Mmmmmm…” as long and loud as you wish.

Doing so shifts you immediately into your present moment of eating or drinking. That means you eat consciously. And when you eat while feeling 100% present in the moment, you feel what and how much your body needs.

It will also create a delicious feeling towards what you eat or drink right at that moment. And food that you feel is delicious, is food that nourishes your body in a delicious way.

Not to mention all the smiles you create for you and others when you are so outspoken about your enjoyment of eating and drinking.

When you feel that something is delicious, it shifts you to happiness. And both, deliciousness and happiness vibrate in an elevated frequency. Enjoying food consciously shifts you automatically to that elevated frequency. And that is where all the magic exists.

Make eating and drinking a “Mmmmmm…” celebration!

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