365 Days of Happiness – April 19, 2017

An apple is an apple! It grows like an apple, looks and behaves like an apple, taste like an apple and it successfully enchants everyone as an apple. The apple is true to “it” being an apple, and that is why it successfully can shine bright and tasty as an apple. That is how nature works.

Think how it would fail its growth, looks, and taste if it would pretend to be a lemon, or compare itself to a lemon. And let’s not even start to discuss how disenchanting the apple pretending to be a lemon would be.

Well, you are nature too…

You can’t shine your light bright and enchant the world while pretending to be someone else or comparing yourself with others.

You might be an apple or you might be a lemon, or you might be something completely different. Either way, you can only shine your light bright when you are true to your unique “who” you are.

You are one of a kind! You are made up of your beautiful physical body, your smart and fun mind, and your glorious spirit. You come with happiness, love, peace, health, positivity and joy. And you come with anger, sadness, fear, jealousy and negativity. That is all you, and it’s all beautiful. Not to mention how boring it would be to miss any part of you.

Practice looking at yourself in the mirror and say to every part of you “I love you!”

Doing so will undo any resistance you have towards any part of you that you believe is not good. And without resistance, all parts of you can melt into one. That “one” is you! Finally able to be loved by you and as you.

Accept, respect, thank and love all of you and be the apple, lemon or other you are a 100%.

Now go shine, and enchant yourself and the world!

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