365 Days of Happiness – April 15, 2017

Bless and love your water today! Water has the property of flow. Being in the flow means you are resistance free. And without resistance you can vibrate in a high frequency of love, light, joy and happiness.

We are up to 65% made of water. The amount of water in the brain is 73%, the lungs are 83%, muscles and kidneys are 79%, the skin is 64%, and the bones are around 31%. Being of so much water, we naturally have a high property of flow.

To strengthen your natural flow, think about all your water in you, visualize and feel it flowing through your body. Now infuse it with saying or thinking “I love you!” Enjoy this feeling!

Also drink plenty of water today. Bless it before it enters your body. A way to do that is to look at the water first, feel its flow and then have a loving chat with it. For example say “I love you and thank you for filling me with flow and happiness!” Then drink it and consciously feel how this water fills every single cell of your body with flow and happiness.

Go swimming and play with water. Watch water. Wash your dishes and feel the water on your hands.

Basically see, think, hear and feel the flow of water consciously everywhere. Doing so will shift you to your natural state of flow, because hanging out with flow shifts you to flow.

Blessing your water strengthens what you already are. A naturally flowing water-being made of energy 😊

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Have fun practicing happiness!

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