365 Days of Happiness – April 12, 2017

Don’t take everything so seriously! Seriously!

Coating everything that is happening with a certain lightness and playfulness insures that you stay resistance free and open to what opportunities come out of the created situation.

Sure, your first reaction can be anger, fear, shock or to be overwhelmed. That is OK!

Important is that you don’t stay in this first feeling, but rather make it your habit to give it a good laugh and then accept, respect, thank and love what IS. To do this say or think “l accept…”, “I respect…”, “I thank…”, “I love…” With your own words add the situation that is yours to experience.

Know that everything can change within seconds and everything IS as you see it.

Staying in a light and playful frequency really exercises your trust. Trust in yourself that you are capable and deserving. Trust that right now you are in the right and fitting situation in your journey. Trust that you are taken care off and that all is FOR you.

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