365 Days of Happiness – April 11, 2017

Start a powerful and respectful companionship with your anger!

A lot of times anger is not wanted or judged as bad. Which is not so at all. Anger is part of each one of us, just like happiness. And anger has its role for us.

To start this powerful companionship give your anger its deserved space in yourself. Imagine inviting your anger inside of you and showing it to its own perfect room in you. That room has a door that you or your anger can close or open at any time. If you take good care of yourself your anger hangs out “happily” inside its room, door closed. While your anger has no need to pop its head out of the room if you take great care of yourself, you can always open the door and have access to your anger if you want it. Your anger only takes initiative to open the door and come out if you overstep your boundaries. When that’s the case, ask your anger what just happened. Listen deep to your anger, it has all the information as to where your boundaries got overstepped and where you did not take good care of yourself.

Your anger also carries an unlimited strength and power, just think how fast and powerful you clean your house when you are angry. Anger is energy like everything else, it’s just a real forceful energy. And since anger is part of you, you are this forceful energy! You are infinite power!

Give your anger the respect it deserves! Your anger is your great personal reminder to take care of yourself, and it is your personal infinite force of energy. It is meant to be used for you only, but never to be acted out towards others. With doing so you just shifted from feeling anger as a low vibration to feeling anger as an energy that vibrates in a high frequency. Well done!

Come to respect and love your anger and enjoy this powerful companionship!

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