365 Days of Happiness – April 10, 2017

What amazing things will happen when you start a love affair with your Happiness! And I mean to really be smitten with your Happiness until you can’t take your thoughts off your Happiness anymore.

All it takes is a first date with your Happiness and then a commitment. Here is how it works… Consciously plan a wonderful time for yourself (tea time, yoga, meditation, a walk, a bath, really anything that you enjoy) and invite your Happiness. Be fully aware and present of meeting and falling in love with your Happiness. Feel this! Then make a commitment, to give your Happiness undivided attention and constantly nurture your love for your Happiness.

A great way to do that is to have conversations with your Happiness. Start when you open your eyes in the morning, “Good glorious morning my dear Happiness, how are you today and what magnificent happiness are we gonna create today?” Happiness replies to you every time, listen deep. And then start your day with the plans you made with your Happiness. Check in again at noon, “Hi my dear Happiness, how are we doing? Lost each other there for a moment and found each other again, awesome. What’s the plan for the afternoon?” Happiness always answers, listen deep. Next check-in is in the evening, “Welcome home Happiness, let’s relax and enjoy each other!” And the last conversation of the day is before you fall asleep, “My beautiful Happiness, I love you and I am the happiest woman/man in the world to have found you and have you by my side. Life is amazing with you.” This is just an example, converse freely with your Happiness, make it fit for you. Have fun with it!

Share this with your kids, ask them how their happiness is doing. They will love it!

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