365 Days of Happiness – April 7, 2017

Imagination is your most personal and powerful happiness creator! Everyone has their unique imagination and you have access to it 24 hours a day. And it is free!

Today I invite you to infuse what comes into your awareness with your imagination and create your own magic all day long.

So here it goes… Let’s say you are out and about and you notice a flower, right there is your opportunity to imagine and create magic. Imagine you are a beautiful butterfly in a magnificent garden and you get to sit and sunbathe on this flower. Feel this splendidness!

Or you see a bird, imagine you are jumping on its back and go flying. Feel this adventure!

When you get yourself ready for the day, imagine you are a king or queen getting ready for a noble day. Feel this highness!

Watch the trash guys get your trash and imagine they just took all your toxic emotional luggage with them. Feel the lightness!

These are just some examples. Take what comes into your awareness today and imagine whatever comes to your mind. Play with your imagination, get all crazy with it and feel how everything turns into your personal happiness playground. Enjoy!

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