365 Days of Happiness – April 6, 2017

We live in a universe where everything is made up of energy that vibrates in different frequencies. For example, the energy of love vibrates on a high frequency and the energy of anger vibrates on a low frequency. Optimally you want to be in a frequency of high vibrations, because that is where all the magic is. Being there will also attract more energies that vibrate in a high frequency, which lifts you higher and higher so you can create more and more of this goodness. It is all connected. Which brings me to the low energies like anger, fear, hate etc. We all have these low energies pop up from time to time and that shifts our energy to vibrate in a low frequency. No harm done that you shifted, just realize it and don’t stay there, shift yourself back to energies that vibrate in a high frequency as soon as possible. The way to do that is to honor your low energies with accepting, respecting, thanking and loving them. For example, all was fine and then you got angry, you shifted from a high frequency to a low frequency. Acknowledge your anger and say or think “I am angry!” Ignore the why! Now honor your anger and say or think “My dear anger, I accept you… as a part of me, I respect you… as a powerful force in me, I thank you… for showing up, I love you… as a part of me.” Doing so will shift you immediately into high energies of thankfulness and love, which means you immediately vibrate in a high frequency. And we all know where the magic is! It will also release resistance towards your anger and living without resistance shifts you into a flow, which is a high frequency. And probably the most powerful effect is that it brings all parts of you -your high energies and your low energies- together into one big magical being, that is honored, celebrated and loved as a whole. And that is ultimate self love, which is one of the purest high energies to feel and be. Being in that state of wholeness, you can then honor and love others as a whole. Which radiates their honor and love for your whole back to you. Beautiful!

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