365 Days of Happiness – April 3, 2017

Pick your “high for life” word for today! Is it love, peace, joy, happiness, smile, laughter, kindness, playful? Pick any high vibratinal word that shifts you into a deep connection to your heart and brings you to your now. Close your eyes and say or think your chosen word. Feel this, breathe and stay with your wonderful feelings. Say or think your chosen word all day and night long as a mantra to get you back into your heart and into your now. Feel your wonderful feelings. Also see, feel and hear the meaning of your chosen word everywhere. For example, if you choose peace, see peace in yourself when you look in the mirror, see peace in all the people you encounter, see peace in your food and drinks, see peace in the sky and clouds, hear peace in the sounds surrounding you, feel peace in the wind and sun. Focus completely on the word peace everywhere. Guess what you create with that? Peace within and around you. You are a powerful creator of whatever you desire to feel. Important is that you connect to your heart and stay in your now. And then use your mind and all the universal information to get creating! Have fun! 

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