365 Days of Happiness – March 31, 2017

Co-Creation! We are all in this together, connected and feeding of each others vibrations. We are co-creating together. Life is a co-creation of all. Every split second you get to choose what you want to co-create with the person, animal, thing or situation you encounter. We are co-creating every day happiness and enlightenment with every “365 Days of Happiness” blog I write, and you read. Thank you for co-creating this high vibrational frequency with me! You are co-creating with your family, job, car, food, with everything that is in your awareness. What you co-create is your choice and you have the power to choose every single split second. For example, you are about to eat your food. Are you co-creating energy and joy with eating you food, because your thoughts about that food are energizing and joyful, or are you co-creating weight gain and dis-ease with that food, because your thoughts are “That will make me fat and it’s unhealthy.” Are you co-creating love with other people, because you are compassionate about them, or are you co-creating anger, because you get angry at their behavior? Are you co-creating abundance with the weather, because you see the nourishment in the down pouring rain, or are you co-creating frustration with the weather, because you are gonna get wet? What you co-create goes into a vibrational pool, and whoever fits your frequency feeds off of it and creates more. Decide today that your co-creation is happiness, with whatever comes your way. You have infinite power doing so! Because not only are you shifting yourself into a high vibrational frequency, your surroundings shift with you. And that creates more high vibrations, which lifts earths vibrations into a higher frequency and whoever is in that frequency feeds off of that and creates more as well, which feeds you again. Everything is connected! Together we can co-create an infinite high vibrational frequency… How amazing is that!

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