365 Days of Happiness – March 28, 2017

Go with your weather today, soak it all up! The weather is energy and it runs on information, just like everything else. And what IS in your awareness, is meant for you, both energy and information. Everything you notice has information that can be used by you, to learn more about yourself and use as a guide. And let’s face it, we all notice the weather every day. Rain is very cleansing, relaxing and refreshing. Thunder is full of power, strength and “I am the boss” energy. Snow is pure, clean, neutralizing and quiets everything, creates a winter wonderland. Fog is cutting everything off from behind, ahead and around, all you can see is here, it initiates trust into here, ahead, behind and around. And the ever so energizing sun is warming, gentle, happy and bright, but don’t underestimate her power if you mis-use her. Cloudy, is grey and let’s you take initiative and color the sky as you like, sparks creativity. Hail is playful when it bounces off the ground and looks magical when it covers it, but please stay out of the way until it is done, only watch from the distance at its playfulness. No matter where you are, you have your daily weather. Use the information the weather has for you, feel the energy that comes with it and then fill every single cell of your body with it. Now, if you feel like you need cleansing rain but it’s not raining, you can play weather man/woman and imagine yourself in a down pour, feel that energy and fill yourself with it. Same outcome! Then during your new day, feel this energy over and over again, fill yourself and live your day through the energy of rain, thunder, snow, fog, sun, cloudy or hail. Pretend you are it! Have fun!

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