365 Days of Happiness – March 25, 2017

How is your NOW? Did I just catch you not being in your NOW, but rather thinking about what was and what will be? If so, give yourself a good giggle that you were caught, and get into your NOW! Observe yourself in your NOW! How do you feel in your NOW? How are you reacting to your NOW? Through what beliefs are you experiencing your NOW? Are you feeling the “high for life” right now? And depending on your observations make changes, shift from beliefs that are not serving you to beliefs that serve you. The beliefs that don’t serve you are old and ratty, create new and shiny ones. For example shift from “I am not beautiful and not enough” to “I am beautiful and I am enough.” Or “I hate this, to I love this.” Change your feelings from low vibrational to high vibrational, as an example from sadness to gratitude. Change your reaction from anger to peace, you can do that with taking a second, breathe first and then react. And shift into your “high for life” with focusing on something spectacular. I believe very strongly that if you are thinking about what was, you are trapped and closed off to your now. And if you are thinking about what will be, you are too occupied to be in your now. Every NOW represents opportunities for you to enjoy new amazing experiences, and with that create new and shiny beliefs. And not to ever forget, how you feel and think in your NOW, creates your next. Which makes your NOW the most important focus point. In your NOW, you can create, manifest, heal and choose your pure “high for life.” And in your now, you are in charge to shift to your happiness! Gratitude to your now! 

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it your abundant NOW!

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