365 Days of Happiness – March 23, 2017

You are the center and creator of your happiness! You are your happiness! I know that most everyone knows that, but still, we find ourselves more often than not focusing completely on something else than our happiness. Our thoughts are focused on others, their behavior or situation. We think detailed about what they need, how we can help them and how we would like them or their situation to change. With doing so we distance ourselves farthest from our happiness. And being so far away from ourselves, we can’t help them anyway. What does help everyone, including yourself, is to focus solely on your happiness and your inner “high for life.” When you make sure that you are present in your happiness frequency or shift to it when you find yourself not there, then you create a powerful force that will pull everything and everyone with you into a happiness frequency. And if you see others as the infinite source they are, through your “happiness-frequency” eyes, you will initiate a potent change to happiness for all. Nobody and nothing can stay in a low if you are in a high. Some might not come up all the way to meet you in your high, but they will come up as much as is right for them. Practice becoming aware when you focus on others and pull yourself back to yourself, inward into your being. When arrived, feel yourself and shift into your happiness frequency. From that place everything is possible!

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