365 Days of Happiness – March 16, 2017

Ground yourself! Grounding means you shift yourself to power, security and safety, trust, strength, nourishment, knowledge, wisdom, balance, patience, inner peace and pride of who you are. All very empowering happy feelings. To ground yourself focus on your amazing feet. Think about your feet many times during your day, feel and notice them, thank them for everything they do for you and send love to your beautiful feet. Then imagine your foot Chakras on the bottom of your feet opening up, and all the non fitting energies in you flow downward, starting at your crown through your legs out the foot Chakras. Let it all go! Do this often. Then imagine all the nourishment that Mother Earth offers us, let all this goodness flow upward, in through your foot Chakras, up your legs and into your crown (if it feels good let the nourishment go out trough your crown Chakra, becoming one with the infinite). Do theses visualizations many times during your day. Clean and nourish over and over. Keep your focus on your feet, because that is where grounding is most powerful. To pamper your grounding feet even more, enjoy a foot bath , a foot massage and walk, dance or jump with bare feet. Happy grounding!

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