365 Days of Happiness – March 7, 2017

Today’s shift to happiness lays in giving birth to your absolute trust in all. “I trust…” is a very powerful saying or thought. When you trust in all, fear has no space. And fear is what keeps you from being happy. Fear is not a high emotional state and it brings you farthest from who you really are. Trust is a very potent high emotional state and brings you closest to who you really are. Trust does not mean you live in denial or you become a push over, in the contrary, trust cleans the way to your infinite power in you. Trust that you are perfect where you are right now, and trust that you are in charge to manifest change at any chosen moment. Trust in your dreams! Trust in your inner guidance. Trust that everything happening is a gift and opportunity. Trust that you are capable and have plenty of energy and power. Trust that you deserve to be happy. Trust that you are beautiful! Trust that you are a being of powerful love, light and joy. Trust in all!

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