365 Days of Happiness – February 3, 2017

Have a spring in your step today! That means you are walking energetically and show that you are happy and confident… Be aware of your walk and focus on walking with a spring, maybe even get yourself skipping down the street and feeling good doing so. Imagine if the whole world would drop everything they are doing right now and start walking with a spring in their step and skip down the street. Imagine the enormous energy shift to “happiness” that movement can create. Be a start, do it with your kids, family, friends… Feel how you create happiness and a feeling of a “high for life” with doing so. Fill yourself with this! And share generously with all…

365 Days of Happiness – February 2, 2017

Imagine you are walking along the side of a beautiful and adventurous river. Suddenly there is a luxurious boat filled with beauty, positivity, happiness, colors, joy, health and abundance pulling up next to you. It is floating in the same direction you are headed and it is inviting you to jump on and take over the steering of the boat, as a captain. Heck, it tells you that this is actually your luxurious and high vibrational boat! The deal is that you can jump on and stay on that boat as long as you want and get off whenever you want. All up to you! Your inner instinct tells you that you are meant to float down in the middle of this beautiful and adventurous river in this luxurious and high vibrational boat. This river represents your beautiful and adventurous life. And the luxurious high vibrational boat represents the way you could float through your life. So, you can either walk along the side of your beautiful and adventurous life and experience it from the side, or you can float in this luxurious and high vibrational boat of goodness right down the middle of your beautiful and adventurous life. Would you jump on that boat? Would you even have to think about it? Would you stay on it or dock the boat very soon again, so you can walk along the river to the side? And what would you do to absolutely never have to leave that luxurious and high vibrational boat of goodness again? Imagination is happiness and jumping on that boat is happiness ❤ Take your jump!

365 Days of Happiness – February 1, 2017

Shift of focus is your happiness for today! I love shifts, they create new and bring amazing opportunities for change. Shift your focus on what is “right” in your life right now and let go of what is “wrong” in your life right now. Do this shift of focus just for today and see what happens, you might get hooked… What is right for me today is that I woke up to a new day, that I breathe with strength, my delicious coffee was totally right today, looking up into the infinite sky is always right for me, saying a beautiful good morning to my family is super right, putting on clothing that makes me feel amazing is right, tasting flavorful food today is right, seeing all the beauty around me is right, loving my cozy home is right… There is so much “right” in and around me and so it is for you too… Focus on all that is “right” today! Enjoy the shift to happiness!