365 Days of Happiness – February 21, 2017

Happiness is when you open yourself to hear, see and become aware of all the new opportunities, chances, gifts that come your way and are yours to experience every day. With that awareness, the next step is to follow your heart, choose and receive the experiences that feel good to you and then live them. Flow with the unfolding situation of these good feeling experiences and focus on how good this feels. The ones that don’t feel good let them go by, like passing cars. These new experiences that feel good can be as simple as a friend wanting to take you to try new food and it becomes your favorite food. Or you have to walk a different path to work and that is how you find a new favorite bookstore. Or they can be big, like a new job or a new home. Either way, a small or big new opportunity expands your being and enriches your experience of life. And that is happiness you will share with everyone and everything around you.

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