365 Days of Happiness – February 17, 2017

Happiness is open-ness! That means you are open to whatever is coming your way. To the good and to what we believe is not so good, to all of it. You embrace all with open-ness. These happenings are really just shifts that point you in a different direction. Sometimes that new direction is what you expected and then it feels as a good shift. Sometimes the shift in direction is not what you had planned which makes it feel as not so good. But either way it is just a shift that you can choose to embrace with open-ness. First, accept it, respect it, thank it and then open up to loving it and embracing it with open-ness. That releases resistance and from there you can flow with it and see where it takes you. Usually it leads you to a betterment. Life is an ever changing and constant moving experience, it is naturally so. Every split second is new, different and fresh. That means every split second you get new opportunities and chances for change. Being open to it all creates an alive kinda happiness!

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