365 Days of Happiness – February 16, 2017

Find your “nothing space” inside of you, where absolute stillness is present. That stillness feels like all is standing still inside of you, it feels like quiet, rest and a beautiful space of pure nothing. First, slow down and pause. And then you can get into your nothing space through meditation, sauna, hugging a tree, closing your eyes and enjoying the sun, taking a bath, closing your eyes and enjoying a piece of chocolate… Really anything that relaxes you, that makes you close your eyes and go “awwww…”. That is the start of your pure nothing space. Create that start and then stay in it for a while and feel how you go deep into that sacred silence inside of you, into your nothing space. Stay as long as you can there. Then open your eyes and feel how rejuvenated you are, how fresh and new you can move forward in your new day of possibilities. Your nothing space is your happiness!

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