365 Days of Happiness – February 15, 2017

Choose the HIGH-WAY! And go happy memory searching today! Remember one or many times when you were “over the moon” happy. Relive and re-watch that or these moments like a movie, re-feel the “over the moon” happiness you felt back then. Doing this all the time creates that high emotional state you felt back then again, over and over. That high emotional state is pure happiness, health, success, abundance and all the goodness you want to feel. Fill yourself with it, imagine this high emotional state filling every inch of your body, starting at the toes, filling you upward and then overflowing out through your crown. If you are in a high emotional state, your world becomes high emotional, because not only do you now see the world as high emotional but you also pull the world up into the high emotional state with you. For example, if you are in a high emotional state, you will see your family in a high emotional state and you also pull them up into the high emotional state with you. Nothing can stay in a low emotional state if you are in a high emotional state and look at everyone and everything as they/it is in a high emotional state. As an example, you are frustrated with a close one, find a happy memory of pure happiness you experienced with them, then relive and re-feel it again and again. That puts you in a high emotional state for you and with them, and through that state you can now clearly deal with what is going on. It will be very different than before. Bring all those great memories and feelings back to life… They are yours and meant to feel. Use them to guide you what pure “over the moon” happiness is and feels like for you, and then move forward with creating more new ones just like them! That is powerful happiness living!

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