365 Days of Happiness – February 7, 2017

“Self love” is in the air today! Self love means you take exceptional care of yourself with food, exercise, plenty of water and good sleep. Self love also means that you clean your energy in and around you often and keep it clean, clear, pure and happy. How do you do that? With taking little check-in brakes all day long asking “What do I need right now to feel good or better?” Sometimes it’s a sacred cup of tea, a meditation, a nap, a walk, a laugh, time alone, a bath, a hug… Sometimes it means to remove yourself from toxic energies of a situation/people. Sometimes it means to consciously letting go of what you can’t change… Do whatever it takes and really feel how your action to your check-in break makes you feel better. Self love is knowing that you deserve to feel good and better, and making “feeling good” your number 1 priority. Self love is acknowledging how powerful, beautiful and abundant you are, and to look at all that you have experienced/accomplished so far, and really celebrate yourself for all that WAS, IS and yet to COME. All created by your infinite you. Self-love is happiness ❤

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