365 Days of Happiness – February 28, 2017

Be a smile catcher and see how many smiles you can initiate in other people today? Smiling at someone or something and getting a smile back is happiness. It puts you and the other person in a high emotional state. Both of you walk away from smiling at each other in a state of happiness, health, joy and abundance. And that is also what both of you will spread to everything and everyone around you. It’s a ripple effect. Focus on your smile today, smile at everyone and everything that comes into your awareness, and see how many smiles you can get. Boost yourself with happiness through catching smiles. I am smiling at you 😄

365 Days of Happiness – February 27, 2017

Take charge of your happiness and start scripting. Script how you want your life to be and script how happy you want to feel. Script a perfect version of everything you want to change. Don’t write anything about the issue or anything negative, ignore that, only script about how you want it to be. When you script, visualize what you script and feel the happiness in what you script. Connect your thoughts, your visions and your feelings when you script. Doing so shifts you into a high emotional state and to who you really are, a being of light and love, equipped with infinite power to create. Then go on in your day feeling as it already IS and keep tapping into your scripts often, visualizing and feeling them. And then see what happens and be in awe of your changing life ❤ Empowerment is happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – February 24, 2017

Become drama free because, happiness does not exist within drama! Happiness is pure and present when your emotional involvement and focus is solely with your personal state of high emotions, like feeling good, being happy and all other beautiful feelings. That means you don’t involve yourself emotionally in drama or any other low emotional states. Of course you are aware that drama is present out there, but you don’t become best friends with it and you sure as heck are not hanging out with drama. Now, if there is drama and you find that you left your beautiful state of feeling good to join drama, do whatever it takes to get back to your high emotional state. Take a nap, a walk, meditate, enjoy a tea, listen to music that brings you back to your high of life, smile, serve others… Whatever helps you to get back to your happiness. Important, don’t beat yourself up if you joined drama for a bit, take it as a great opportunity to practice getting back to your emotional high state… Enjoy!

Tomorrow is weekend, Saturday and Sunday I am off practicing happiness, I hope you do the same 🙂

365 Days of Happiness – February 23, 2017

Remember what is important! Important is that you feel good. Bring all that is good in your life in your absolute focus. Think the good, see the good, smell the good and feel the good. Focus only on the good and with that you make the good bigger and bigger. Choose to feel good and only the good!

365 Days of Happiness – February 22, 2017

Put yourself first and meet your needs! A well taken care off body, mind and spirit can be and stay in a happy state. A run down body, mind and spirit can not. Check in with yourself often, it just takes 2 minutes to ask yourself “How do I feel right now, how is my body and what do I need right now?” Then meet your needs and smile, know that you just took amazing care of yourself. Now keep moving full steam ahead in your amazing new day. Self care is happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – February 21, 2017

Happiness is when you open yourself to hear, see and become aware of all the new opportunities, chances, gifts that come your way and are yours to experience every day. With that awareness, the next step is to follow your heart, choose and receive the experiences that feel good to you and then live them. Flow with the unfolding situation of these good feeling experiences and focus on how good this feels. The ones that don’t feel good let them go by, like passing cars. These new experiences that feel good can be as simple as a friend wanting to take you to try new food and it becomes your favorite food. Or you have to walk a different path to work and that is how you find a new favorite bookstore. Or they can be big, like a new job or a new home. Either way, a small or big new opportunity expands your being and enriches your experience of life. And that is happiness you will share with everyone and everything around you.

365 Days of Happiness – February 20, 2017

“Thank You!” Those are deep healing and happiness creating words. Say or think “Thank You!” to everyone and everything that comes into your awareness. No exceptions. When you say “Thank You!”, you shift yourself into a high emotional state. And if you shift, everyone and everything around you shifts with you. Your world becomes high emotional, also called high vibrational. In that high emotional state or space is where all the goodness, love, happiness, joy, abundance and health is. So, say “Thank You!” and smile! Happiness at its finest.

365 Days of Happiness – February 18, 2017

What if I tell you that there are wonders present in everything and everywhere, that you just have to pause for a minute and feel inside of you or look around you to find them. Today I invite you to find all the wonders that are in your life, look at those wonders and acknowledge them. Fill yourself with the magic of these wonders and feel how blessed you are. Happiness consists of seeing/feeling the wonders that are in you and surround you. Some wonders that are magical for me are birds, the sky, my smiling kids and husband, and feeling my heart full with love. What wonders are magical for you?

Tomorrow is Sun-Day and a wonder in itself! Practice Happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – February 17, 2017

Happiness is open-ness! That means you are open to whatever is coming your way. To the good and to what we believe is not so good, to all of it. You embrace all with open-ness. These happenings are really just shifts that point you in a different direction. Sometimes that new direction is what you expected and then it feels as a good shift. Sometimes the shift in direction is not what you had planned which makes it feel as not so good. But either way it is just a shift that you can choose to embrace with open-ness. First, accept it, respect it, thank it and then open up to loving it and embracing it with open-ness. That releases resistance and from there you can flow with it and see where it takes you. Usually it leads you to a betterment. Life is an ever changing and constant moving experience, it is naturally so. Every split second is new, different and fresh. That means every split second you get new opportunities and chances for change. Being open to it all creates an alive kinda happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – February 16, 2017

Find your “nothing space” inside of you, where absolute stillness is present. That stillness feels like all is standing still inside of you, it feels like quiet, rest and a beautiful space of pure nothing. First, slow down and pause. And then you can get into your nothing space through meditation, sauna, hugging a tree, closing your eyes and enjoying the sun, taking a bath, closing your eyes and enjoying a piece of chocolate… Really anything that relaxes you, that makes you close your eyes and go “awwww…”. That is the start of your pure nothing space. Create that start and then stay in it for a while and feel how you go deep into that sacred silence inside of you, into your nothing space. Stay as long as you can there. Then open your eyes and feel how rejuvenated you are, how fresh and new you can move forward in your new day of possibilities. Your nothing space is your happiness!