365 Days of Happiness – January 17, 2017

Focusing on colors is happiness! Look around you all day and see all the different colors. It is January and in many places it seems grey, brown and dark, some might even say colorless. But that is not true! Looking at the big picture it might seem like it, but looking at the details there are lots of colors. Notice them! You can go to a store or mall and look at all the colors everywhere. Or look at children, they wear colorful clothes and shoes and children naturally carry a colorful energy. Another option is to color everything in your mind, make the trees blue, the ground red, the sky yellow… Be free in your imagination. Order colorful food and drinks today and really enjoy the colors. Watch a nature documentary and be in awe of all these colors. Colors are happiness! Colors are everywhere! Seeing or imagining colors will give you your own private color therapy. You will fill every cell of your body with the vibration/energy of that color. Be colorful! ❤

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