365 Days of Happiness – January 13, 2017

Stay on your path! You create happiness when you stay on your path! First, create your path, imagine how your path looks like… Happy, sunny, forest or meadow, city, healthy, active, peaceful… make it fitting for you. Next, picture yourself on your path, you are happy, healthy, creative, skipping or walking, sportive… make it fitting for you. Then enjoy this visualization for a moment and feel it, believe that this is your path/life and believe that you deserve this and are in charge to keep it like that. Smile! When you wonder off your path with your feelings and thoughts during your day and pick up discouraged, angry, nervous or other unhappy feelings from people or situations that are around you, become aware that these don’t fit in your path and they are not yours. Visualize your path again and get back on to your path of happiness! Practice and see the change in your day! ❤

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