“My clients = Happiness”

“I met Mary Poppins. Not the one you see in the movie, not the one with the bottomless purse, but the real one, the one with a funky hair style and cool glasses. Her name is Jacqueline and she pops out of the blue when I need her. She doesn’t ride carrousel horses, but she surfs the net. She has the right piece of advice at the right time and she won’t simply pat you on the shoulder, oh no, not her! She will question you and pay great attention to your feelings and answers in order to put you back on the right track. She will empathize with you and guide you to a brighter path. No medicines with spoons of sugar needed, it’s all on you, once focused issues seem smaller and happiness is around the corner. Just think about her intently and… pop! She’ll come and help!” — Client, Milano Italy

“In March of 2014 I had the pleasure of attending a Lif-e-nergy workshop led by Jacqueline Pirtle in New York. It was my first introduction to Freaky Healer and although I was open to the idea, I was a little hesitant.  Mainly I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to fully commit to the ideas presented in the workshop.  I come from the most traditional of western thinking about illness; if you don’t feel well, go see a doctor. Jacqueline immediately created a feeling of openness as she presented her basic philosophy in a direct and unthreatening way.  The workshop was a perfect balance between talking and doing.  We listened first to Jacqueline and then under her kind and impassioned guidance we began the journey of listening to ourselves, our bodies and our inner thoughts.  And surprisingly to me, I was indeed able to commit fully and jumped right in.  Sometimes desperation can be a good thing!  I am in constant pain due to personal medical conditions and it’s easy to feel defeated and helpless as I struggle day to day to just get around.  There is nothing worse than feeling like you can do nothing to help your own lousy situation.  What I experienced in the course of the 2 hours I spent with Jacqueline was eyeopening.  I truly began to have less pain as the workshop went on, and even more importantly began to realize that I actually can do something about my situation.  I do have power to help myself.  This seems so simple, and yet…… I’m hopeful that with working more intently with Jacqueline and practicing the Lif-e-nergy techniques and philosophies, I will indeed be pain free again in my life and begin to move forward on the path to understanding how to use my own energy to be healthy. Jacqueline left New York and returned to her home in Italy, and naturally, even with the best of intentions, I have not continued practicing the energy work I learned in the workshop.  Today, as I write these words about my introduction to Lif-e-nergy, I have asked Jacqueline about continuing my work with her.  I need to.  I am feeling better already just knowing that I’ve taken the first step.  The sun is shining!” — Client NYC

“I miss you so much sometimes Jacqueline. I wish having you here with me, to hear you say that everything is fine.. But I still feel so close in my mind with your words.. So good… TI voglio bene…” — Client Torino, Italy

“I miss you so much, I always think and thank heaven every day that I have met you… A big hug…” — Client Torino, Italy

“Thank you for the wonderful journey into my life. I did not realize it was so beautiful. I have opened my eyes to smile at my life, that is amazing.. You really are a beautiful person only real and sincere…” — Client Torino, Italy

“An incredible experience. Thank you, because you made me believe in myself and in my abilities to become a mother… ” — Client Torino, Italy

“I miss you so much Jacqueline, but I feel you always by my side with your advice…” — Client in Italy

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful year that you made me live and for a next year full of surprises that await for me…” — Client in Italy

“Hi jacqueline, just yesterday I thought “Where does all the strength that I have come from?” and then I realized that maybe it is you. You are with me! Thank you… ” — Client in Italy

“What makes Jacqueline special and unique? It is her unique, special gift to help you heal yourself. From the minute you meet her, it is her undeniable force to lead you through the path of healing… From the time that I know her, she helped me through back pains, headaches and rough patches at work. She helped me to understand and love my inner child unconditionally! I am not the same person I was before I met Jacqueline! Recently, when my 14-year old daughter was suffering from devastating migraines, that took her so low, she did not leave the house for a week and was in bed, there was Jacqueline, arriving at our door step… She came and worked her magic! It took just a couple of sessions, and my girl is back to her bright and bubbly self. Jacqueline’s empathy, approachability and true understanding of what her clients are feeling is what makes her special. Her wonderful ability is to pin-point how your illness is connected to your emotional aspects. As long as you are open to this journey, just grab her hand and be ready to fly!!!” — Client in New York

“I really don’t know how to sum up in words what FreakyHealer (Jacqueline Pirtle) has done for me. Before I met Jacqueline Pirtle, I was on over eleven different kinds of antidepressants and panic medications, among them Prozac, Lithium, Lamotrigine, Xanax, Zoloft, Depakote, Klonopin, and many more. They cost me thousands of dollars and untold days of sitting indoors with a fuzzy head, unable to feel anything, while a beautiful world was outside. I took these medications because I was so far removed from my real self, I didn’t even remember who I was. I took sleeping pills to get me to sleep, and drank three cups of coffee to help me wake up. I had panic attacks that were so debilitating, I almost lost my job. I allowed other people to use me and treat me badly, but I didn’t think I deserved anything better. I let horrible memories from my childhood overwhelm me, and there were many times I contemplated ending it all because I didn’t understand why I was alive just to be sad. Then into my life, like this beautiful beam of sunlight, came Jacqueline. I stared at this person, who seemed to be nothing but a shining ball of boundless energy, laughter, peace, and love. I wondered what it was like to live like that, how she did it. Once we began working together, I felt like an old house, and together she and I went from room to room, sweeping dusting, cleaning out all the shadows and dust and cobwebs, cleaning the windows so the sun could shine in again. She would talk to me, touch my hands, listen to me, and somehow knew exactly what was going on, and how to help me. She taught me to go back to my middle, to remember the person I really was, the person I had lost and missed for years and years. She helped me learn how to take control of my life, and how to live my life without the need for any medicines or therapy, because all I needed was my true self. I have not taken any medications in two years – two years!! – and I have not had a single panic attack or episode of depression. I feel down some days, but in a normal way that all people do, and I soon see something beautiful that reminds me how incredible the world is, and I am back to my true self. I love my life, I love the whole universe, and I would not have anything I have now if it weren’t for FreakyHealer. Everything I now have I earned myself, but I would NEVER have been able to, if Jacqueline had not made me a strong enough, cheerful enough, confident and peaceful enough person to attain it all. I can honestly tell you that working with Jacqueline will be the best thing you can ever do for you, your family, your friends, and all your loved ones, because the joyful energy that flows from her into you, goes on to help everyone whose life touches yours as well. FreakyHealer will remind you that you are alive to have the most beautiful life in the world, and she will help you achieve it…” — Client in NYC

“Working with Jacqueline has transformed my life. My mental and physical health is stronger than it’s ever been. I have new tools to guide me through my good days and my bad days.  There is a change in my entire family as a result of working with her.  Jacqueline is a healer and a guide.  She can help you find your inner light and show you how to shine it brightly.  She guides with compassion, love and lots of reprogramming of those “old recordings” we constantly play over in our minds. You will find amazing healing when you live from your center, for you and the world around you.  Give yourself a chance to find yourself and learn that peace and happiness are for you too.  Thank you Jacqueline! You are a gift to the world and I’m grateful to you for sharing your wisdom with me. I am forever changed for the better.” — Client in NYC