“Happiness is an every day kinda thing… You jump from one happy little thing to the next happy little thing.” Let me teach you how to do that!

  • I guide and support children and women in all possible life situations
  • My individualized life healing sessions help you awaken your inner being and happiness. You will find your ability to heal and understand yourself and you will be the happiness you really ARE.
  • I base my work on your willingness to want to feel good and be happy, and for you to take responsibility of your life.


  • Long Distance Life Healing Session 30 minutes $75
  • Long Distance Life Healing Session 1 hour $150
  • In-Person Life Healing Session 1.5 hours $225


“3 Months Happiness Package” $1500

  • Three 1 hour life healing sessions in person, skype, phone (one per month)
  • Daily long-distance life healing sessions performed by me
  • Daily personalized guidance shared by me via text or email
  • Energetic tools, exercises and material for practice and study
  • My availability for your questions
  • Access to my “365 Days of Happiness blog” and my “HealHappy with FreakyHealer” Facebook group that is supporting your journey
  1. Month: Start understanding daily happiness. Shift your life towards happiness. Your change and shift is immediate. You can feel and see it right away.
  2. Month: Your awareness and consciousness of happiness is deepening and blooming.
  3. Month: Strengthening your happiness to be your natural state. So it stays with you for all of your journey.

Everyone is unique and all my work is personalized for you. The above is an estimated happiness timeline.

Own the value of being “The Happiness You Really ARE!” You deserve it!


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