365 Days of Happiness – April 26, 2017

Make being happy and constantly shifting yourself back to happiness your main focus today!

Happiness comes in different shapes, sizes and ways. Taking a deep healing breath, smelling the scent of a cup of tea, giving or receiving a smile, spinning your body in circles, laughing with others, lighting a candle, enjoying a glass of wine, shopping, planning a trip… This is all happiness!

If it makes you feel good, it is happiness. Or if you can find something that makes you feel good in a situation, it is happiness. For example, if drinking a cup of tea makes you feel good, it is happiness. And if cleaning your house is not your favorite thing to do, but once you are finished you feel good to be in your clean house, it is happiness.

Make being happy a natural and easy state of being. Because if it is hard work it creates resistance and is no fun. The easiest way to do that is to leave the asking of why, how and what out. And rather fully accept, respect, thank and love what is happening for you. And then open yourself wide to receive, see, feel and hear all that happiness that is there for you 24 hours a day.

Happiness is never “not” there, and will never “not” be there! The presence of happiness is guaranteed at all times!

You are here in this beautiful physical experience called life to be happy, joyful and fly high with your feelings. That is your reason!

365 Days of Happiness – April 25, 2017

Say “Mmmmmm…” when you eat or drink something! Really go all out and feel the deliciousness while humming “Mmmmmm…” as long and loud as you wish.

Doing so shifts you immediately into your present moment of eating or drinking. That means you eat consciously. And when you eat while feeling 100% present in the moment, you feel what and how much your body needs.

It will also create a delicious feeling towards what you eat or drink right at that moment. And food that you feel is delicious, is food that nourishes your body in a delicious way.

Not to mention all the smiles you create for you and others when you are so outspoken about your enjoyment of eating and drinking.

When you feel that something is delicious, it shifts you to happiness. And both, deliciousness and happiness vibrate in an elevated frequency. Enjoying food consciously shifts you automatically to that elevated frequency. And that is where all the magic exists.

Make eating and drinking a “Mmmmmm…” celebration!

365 Days of Happiness – April 24, 2017

It is not about what you get done, it is about how you get it done!

If you push through your to-do list, things turn into “I have to!” That shifts you into your robot mode, where you are running on your subconscious. That means your thoughts and reactions go on autopilot and run on your old recordings. These old recordings are not yours, they are the recordings of others (Mom, Dad, family members and others) that you heard when you were little. Most don’t serve you at all.

The trick is to get stuff done while staying in your conscious, which is your now. In your conscious is where you are in charge to create new recordings and make it fit for you right now. And in your conscious you can choose to get things done in a happy, joyful, loving and peaceful way.

How do you do that? You need to take little check-in breaks.

Think about it, even the wash machine takes little breaks and slow-down moments while in the cycle of washing your clothes. It suddenly turns very slow or even stops for a few seconds before spinning like crazy again. That is because in order to get the laundry really clean, it needs to slow down for a minute and soak. Not to mention, it probably would break down if it would spin like crazy for the whole cycle.

Or take the garbage truck, it slows down its work process when the garbage cans are emptied into it. It takes a minute to digest this, to work on what it just received. If it would not take that minute, it would clog up and stop working.

It is the same for you! No matter how strong you are, wash machine or garbage truck like tough… In order to get stuff done in a healthy and happy way, you need to take little breaks and slow-down moments for yourself, so you can make sure to reconnect to your conscious and your heart as you go.

These little slow-down moments can be simple and short. For example, breathe deep a few times, stretch your body, make a dance move, smile at yourself in the mirror, breathe in some essential oils, enjoy a tea or a candy. Or looking and focusing on your hands does the trick too, because your hands are always doing something in the now.

Your check-in moments can also be deep, thoughtful and longer. For example, ask yourself many times a day “Am I happy right now?” If yes, indulge into your happiness and keep going. If no, take it further and ask “What would make me happy right now?” Follow the instructions you get and keep going in your day.

Important is to pull yourself into a slower spin or a complete pause many times a day, so you can adjust yourself back to your conscious, because that is where your power to choose happiness lays.

365 Days of Happiness – April 22, 2017

Claim and fold into your sweet self!

Focus on all the sweetness around you today. Sweetness exists in people’s faces, children smiles, loving interactions, flowers, nature sounds and smells, music, colors and of course foods, desserts and drinks.

Become aware of everything and everyone around you that shifts you to thinking and feeling “sweetness”.

Indulge in sweet tastes with foods and drinks. Really take your time tasting and feeling their sweetness. This will shift you to “sweetness’.

Look at honey, watch it flow and be all sticky with sweetness. Just watching it will shift you to think and feel “sweetness”.

Use sweet words in all conversations today and make sweet compliments. This will shift you to “sweetness”.

Play around and be creative in thinking, tasting, hearing, saying, seeing and feeling “sweetness”.

Once you feel it, stay in this elevated sweet feeling, experience it all the way. And then imagine filling every cell of yourself with it.

With doing so, you connect to and nurture your sweet self! Because experiencing the sweetness of others, means you feel your sweetness in you. The feeling is in you!


Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a sweet Day!

365 Days of Happiness – April 21, 2017

Your garden is not my garden! And my garden is not your garden!

Imagine that in the morning you create your garden for your day. You plant it with your thoughts, your intentions, your wishes, dreams and your to-do list. Put everything you got into your gardening skills and make it a spectacular garden for you to enjoy all day long.

If during your day, you catch yourself far away from your thoughts, intentions, wishes, dreams and your to-do list, know that you are not in your garden anymore. At some point you left your garden and entered someone else’s garden. And that someone else got up that morning and filled their garden with their thoughts, intentions, wishes, dreams and to-do list too.

Sometimes someone else’s garden looks and feels amazing. If so and with their consent, it’s OK to visit their beautiful garden, hang out, sit down, put your feet up and even take a nap there for a while. It is also OK to look around there and find inspirations you can copy into your garden. But there comes a time, when it is right to say “Thank you for having me”, and then return home into your garden. Overstaying creates a disconnect with yourself.

If someone else’s garden does not look or feel good, don’t enter. Stay in your garden and talk to them over your fence. That way your reactions will be true to yourself. If you already entered their garden, acknowledge this and bow out with gratitude for what you learned. Then leave to go back home into your garden. If you must, run back home.

Being in your garden means that you can always garden it to fit you. You can rearrange it, plant new stuff, throw the old out and you can play with your creativity. You are in charge in your garden! And let’s face it, your garden is the only one you can ever garden in anyways.

Create your dream garden every day, indulge in its beauty and inspire others to get gardening too.

One garden at a time!

365 Days of Happiness – April 20, 2017

Everyone knows how healing and “heart-energy” activating hugs are. Hugs are truly magical!

Today I want to take you on a hug adventure. One that will spark your imagination and add very potent feelings to your already healing hugs.

Imagine you get to pick an animal that you always wanted to hug, but normally is not possible. Pick one that would absolutely make your day the most spectacular ever. Today this could be a lion and tomorrow it could be a baby kitty. That is fine, because your pick changes with what you need for your day.

Now imagine your animal in its full glorious beauty right in front of you. Wow! Consciously see, hear and feel its energy. For example, if it’s a lion feel the majestic power, if it’s a baby kitty feel the gentleness and softness. Breathe and feel this deeply! Now slowly move closer, and hug your animal. Notice the healing energy this hug creates. Keep hugging as long as you wish and breathe deeply. Fill every cell of your body with this delicious and potent energy.

Know that with this imaginary hugging adventure, you gave yourself exactly what you needed for your day. For example, if you chose a lion, you needed to be shifted into your majestic power. If you chose a baby kitty, you needed to be shifted into your gentle soft side.

And because you hugged an animal that normally you can’t hug, this counts as an adventure. And that adventure feeling added higher potency and a “wow” spark to your already healing hug.

Imagination at its best!

365 Days of Happiness – April 19, 2017

An apple is an apple! It grows like an apple, looks and behaves like an apple, taste like an apple and it successfully enchants everyone as an apple. The apple is true to “it” being an apple, and that is why it successfully can shine bright and tasty as an apple. That is how nature works.

Think how it would fail its growth, looks, and taste if it would pretend to be a lemon, or compare itself to a lemon. And let’s not even start to discuss how disenchanting the apple pretending to be a lemon would be.

Well, you are nature too…

You can’t shine your light bright and enchant the world while pretending to be someone else or comparing yourself with others.

You might be an apple or you might be a lemon, or you might be something completely different. Either way, you can only shine your light bright when you are true to your unique “who” you are.

You are one of a kind! You are made up of your beautiful physical body, your smart and fun mind, and your glorious spirit. You come with happiness, love, peace, health, positivity and joy. And you come with anger, sadness, fear, jealousy and negativity. That is all you, and it’s all beautiful. Not to mention how boring it would be to miss any part of you.

Practice looking at yourself in the mirror and say to every part of you “I love you!”

Doing so will undo any resistance you have towards any part of you that you believe is not good. And without resistance, all parts of you can melt into one. That “one” is you! Finally able to be loved by you and as you.

Accept, respect, thank and love all of you and be the apple, lemon or other you are a 100%.

Now go shine, and enchant yourself and the world!

365 Days of Happiness – April 18, 2016

How much “play” can you find today?

“Play” is everywhere around us naturally, and everything that is play is automatically experienced as playful. Playful is a feeling that is vibrating as an energy in an elevated frequency. The more you can be in that elevated frequency the more delicious your life gets.

Look for balls, toys, playing children and animals, birds playfully flying in the wind. Playful music, colors, foods, drinks, playful clothing, playful smiles…

Consciously watch “play” take place everywhere and feel what it is for you! Then imagine filling every single cell of yours with your personal feeling of playfulness.

Seeing, hearing, tasting, thinking and doing “play” makes you feel playful. Because hanging out with “play” makes you all “play” and playful.

365 Days of Happiness – April 17, 2017

Start a truthful and honest relationship with your jealousy and accept what it is telling you!

Your jealousy is personal. You can’t share jealousy with others. If you are jealous, you can’t make someone else jealous too. But if you are angry, sad or happy, you can make someone else angry, sad or happy too. Jealousy is not shareable.

Your jealousy is your pure truth and insight into what you want and need to do for yourself to be happy. Your jealousy brings you closest to your clarity of what you desire.

So if you are stuck and don’t know what you want, just find what you are jealous for. Because what you are jealous for is what you want.

As an exercise, take a minute and feel what you are jealous for right now. Really feel your jealousies. Indulge and bathe in them, because they are your guides to your desires.

If you catch yourself being jealous, don’t judge yourself or others. Actually thank the person, situation or thing for mirroring you your jealousy. Then accept the truth and guidance your jealousy is gifting you, and take action to follow your desires.

This is jealousy felt and celebrated as an energy that vibrates in a high frequency!

Happy jealous-ing!

365 Days of Happiness – April 15, 2017

Bless and love your water today! Water has the property of flow. Being in the flow means you are resistance free. And without resistance you can vibrate in a high frequency of love, light, joy and happiness.

We are up to 65% made of water. The amount of water in the brain is 73%, the lungs are 83%, muscles and kidneys are 79%, the skin is 64%, and the bones are around 31%. Being of so much water, we naturally have a high property of flow.

To strengthen your natural flow, think about all your water in you, visualize and feel it flowing through your body. Now infuse it with saying or thinking “I love you!” Enjoy this feeling!

Also drink plenty of water today. Bless it before it enters your body. A way to do that is to look at the water first, feel its flow and then have a loving chat with it. For example say “I love you and thank you for filling me with flow and happiness!” Then drink it and consciously feel how this water fills every single cell of your body with flow and happiness.

Go swimming and play with water. Watch water. Wash your dishes and feel the water on your hands.

Basically see, think, hear and feel the flow of water consciously everywhere. Doing so will shift you to your natural state of flow, because hanging out with flow shifts you to flow.

Blessing your water strengthens what you already are. A naturally flowing water-being made of energy 😊

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Have fun practicing happiness!