365 Days of Happiness – September 9, 2017

What do you see?

Yesterday I had a great “walk down the memory lane” with my husband. We talked about our relocation and arrival in Italy a few years back. Our first short-term furnished apartment was overlooking Europe’s biggest open air market. Located in a dangerous part of town, as we were told. Coming from New York City, that made us chuckle.

So then we arrived… And all we could see was the beauty of all these different fresh red tomatoes. All we could hear was the amazing-ness of all these people having a great time yelling about their merchandise. All we could feel was this incredibly alive and busy energy of this gigantic market, right outside of our window. All we could think was “Wow!”

We felt it amazing to wake up at 5 am with the noise of the market being prepared. And we were fascinated by watching the clean up after the market closed early afternoon. By late afternoon everything was finished, until the next morning. The huge market space turned into a huge open space, where people parked their cars, walked, hung out and kids played soccer. Most important though, we never encountered any danger and our wallets never got picked. We had the most amazing experience there.

Then we had visitors. And even though they loved the experience of visiting Italy, all they could see was the trash, the mess, the noise, the chaos, and the danger. You can probably guess that their wallets got stolen and they encountered dangerous moments.

What was our bliss, was their non-bliss. Where we saw beautiful fresh red tomatoes, they saw rotten tomatoes. All in the same place and all in the same time, with both fresh and rotten existing. But depending on our personal perceptions, the experience was completely different.

So, what do you see everywhere?

Fresh tomatoes or rotten tomatoes? Because that determines your experience.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a fresh red tomato day!

365 Days of Happiness – September 8, 2017

Take a break!

Love yourself in a big way and take a break from hurrying, worrying, stressing, negative-ing and all non fitting.

And in that break, breathe, see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel through your heart.

You will notice that you don’t have to hurry, because there is always enough time for everything. You don’t have to worry, because all is always supported, trust in that! You will also notice that you don’t have to stress about anything, because there is nothing ever important enough to stress about. You don’t have to negative-ing, because nothing is ever born negative in the first place, everything always just IS. And you don’t have to live in the non fitting, because you can always change everything into fitting.

So, celebrate yourself big time and take your heart-break! You deserve it!

365 Days of Happiness – September 7, 2017

One kindness at a time!

One kind thought towards yourself and others will change minds.

One kind smile towards yourself and others will change moods.

One kind word towards yourself and others will change hearts.

One kind feeling towards yourself and others will change beings.

One kind service towards yourself and others will change lives.

One kindness towards yourself and others will change everything.

One kindness at a time changes worlds.

365 Days of Happiness – September 6, 2017

Don’t be sorry for someone!

Today’s blog builds on yesterday’s, which was about “shaping up”. Go have a look!     365 Days of Happiness- September 5, 2017

To recap… Every experience, good or not so good, shapes the person experiencing it. Shaping brings everyone closer to themselves and moves someone forward in their journey. That makes every experience a gift and opportunity.

Being sorry for someone experiencing something unpleasant or a hard time, means you are sorry for them to receive the gift of shaping up, shifting closer to their real being, and moving forward in their journey. Sounds crazy, right?!

Being sorry for them also means you create and fill yourself with sorry feelings, which are the opposite of health, happiness, love and abundance. And all filled up, you sprinkle the person you are sorry for and everything else around you with all your sorry feelings of sadness, grief, disbelief, anger, hopelessness and more. Because everything and everyone is connected.

So, don’t be sorry for someone!

Instead, offer uplifting support of your love, understanding, compassion and kindness. Offer your knowing and trust in them, that they are capable of experiencing this shaping gift. Be a good listener without any judging, recommendations or trying to fix it for them. And quietly, without voicing this to them, be excited for them to have the opportunity to shape up and move forward in their journey. And lastly, visualize them how mighty they are with shining their rising bright light of a being.

That will let them freely shape up with their experience, while filling up with your uplifting support. Which means you fill up with this goodness as well. And all filled up, you spread it to everything and everyone around you.



365 Days of Happiness – September 5, 2017

Shape up!

Every experience, good or not so good shapes you. And constantly being shaped means you change, you move forward, you learn more about yourself and become more and more your unique you. How cool is that?

So, invite and let all experiences (good and not so good) flow freely into your journey. Welcome them all with open minds!

  • The good experiences, indulge in their delicious shaping of you. Yay! Enjoy!
  • The not so good experiences, accept, respect, thank and love them for showing up to shape you. They are a gift, and are so very excellent for you.

Also, you help shape everyone and everything around you as well. Consciously be aware of that fact, and give your best to shape them well.

Happy shaping! And celebrate all your experiences.


365 Days of Happiness – September 4, 2017

What feeling do you want to feel today?

Take some time, close your eyes, breathe deep and relax. Now ask yourself, “What feeling do I desire for my new day? What feeling will make my new day magnificent?” Once chosen, feel, see, taste, smell, hear, think and feel that desired feeling with every single cell of yours. Wonderful! Stay in this amazing space for as long as you like. Breathe and enjoy!

Next, ask yourself how you can create that desired feeling all day long. What activities, foods, sounds, clothes, colors, surroundings, people, animals, books, movies and other can you choose for yourself today, in order to create that desired feeling actively and consciously for you?

Make feeling your desired feeling a priority in your new day. And then go sprinkle it on everything and everyone that has the pleasure to come in contact with you.

365 Days of Happiness – September 2, 2017

Today I see it all differently!

Think of your eyes as neutral seers, giving you a neutral picture to look at. And depending on which glasses you choose to wear when you look at that neutral picture, that is how you will see, think and feel about things. Naturally that determines how your day is going, and will be going.

There are as many different glasses as you like there to be. There are happiness glasses, joyous glasses, peaceful glasses, loving glasses, playful glasses, abundant glasses, angry glasses, frustrating glasses, sad glasses… Just to give you an idea of some, and the contrast in all these glasses.

So take a minute and consciously choose glasses though which you want to see things. You can choose one pair of glasses for your whole day, or many different glasses for each different moment.

Important is to choose glasses that when you look through them, the way you see things feel good to you, or if you like to take it a notch up, feel amazing to you.

Be creative and have fun with your glasses!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a “see it all different” day!


365 Days of Happiness – September 1, 2017

Launch your powerful love rockets!

Imagine your heart as a boundless, powerful love rocket producing engine. Wow!

Those love rockets are stuffed with love, light, happiness and all other good feelings you like. And they are always ready to launch. Take a minute to visualize one of your love rockets. Look at it and feel the healing power it contains. Wow!

Now imagine launching these rockets, one by one:

  • To places in your physical body that are in pain and in need of healing. Visualize them arriving at its destination, healing right there on the spot. Feel this!
  • Into your mind, to meet your negative thoughts. Visualize the rockets swapping them with love, happiness and good feeling thoughts. Feel this!
  • Into your spirit, soul, source, or how you love to call your spiritual being. Reminding you of the pure and infinite love and light you are. Feel this!

Don’t stop there…

Also shoot your love rockets around wildly and spontaneously, without a reason, no planning and no set destination. Shoot them towards yourself, and everything and everyone around you. Have a blast, and launch them because they make you, and everyone around you feel amazing.

Launch generously, and know that your heart keeps producing more powerful love rockets for you.


365 Days of Happiness – August 31, 2017

Love is in the sky!

I experienced a heart-love reminder up in the blue yesterday!

Consciously see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel all that love:

  • FEEL your heart wide open, producing, spreading and receiving love.
  • SEE  love in everything and everyone you encounter, including yourself.
  • SMELL love in every delicious scent.
  • HEAR love in every noise and sound.
  • TASTE love in all the yumminess you indulge in.
  • THINK “I love you!” towards everything and everyone, including yourself.

And notice all the hearts everywhere. They are reminders to keep you in alignment with you grandest power. Your love!

Love is in the sky!


365 Days of Happiness – August 30, 2017

“Everything is under control!”

Sounds great! Until you loose that control.

Keeping everything under control is exhausting work, and pretty much impossible. You also create a huge amount of resistance if you loose the control you established. And once lost, you use up a lot of your energy to re-establish it. That is precious energy that could go into feeling happy.

A better way to see, feel and think is “Everything is as it is. I accept, respect, thank and love all that is.” Breathe and feel…

That let’s you create peace with how things are right now and find gratitude in what is right now. You will shift into a resistance free frequency, where control is not needed. And from there, you can move forward and create a different and new “IS”. Just imagine, think and feel as you want it to be.

“Nothing is ever under control. Because everything is simply as it IS!”