365 Days of Happiness – October 24, 2017

BE gigantically open!

Think about the bowhead whale, which has the biggest mouth in the world. He opens it fully and completely to fill it to the brim, with water that has all sorts of things in it. He then skims through all that water as it flows through his gigantic mouth, looking and tasting for his nourishment, the plankton. Yum! And on he goes, again and again, opening his “biggest mouth of the world” wide and huge, to catch the most of what he likes.

That is how huge I want you to be open for anything that IS happening for you! Because just like that ocean water with all sorts of things in it, life has all sorts of ingredients (experiences) in it too. Some are nourishing you towards your happiness, and some are not. And just like that whale, in order to catch as much of what you like, you have to be gigantically open to receive.

So, BE open to catch all life that IS for you. Then skim through it and nourish yourself on what looks, feels, tastes, smells and sounds good for you. The rest, let it wash through you and out of you, without attempting to digest it. And on you go, just like that whale, opening gigantically again and again, to catch and skim for your nourishment that makes you feel happy and “high for life!”


365 Days of Happiness – October 23, 2017

Thoughts are powerful seeds!

Think of your physical experience as a garden, which you get to design and seed as you like.

Here is how it works:

  • You have an unlimited amount of all different kinds of seeds (thoughts) available for you to choose from.
  • You get to sow the seeds (thoughts) of your choice.
  • You get to nurture those seeds (thoughts) as much as you like.
  • And you get to weed your personal garden of all plants (seeds/thoughts manifested into happenings) you don’t want to be in your garden.

It is your garden, your responsibility, and you decide the look, the feel, the smell, the taste and the sound of it.

So ask yourself:

  • What seeds (thoughts) am I choosing right now?
  • What seeds (thoughts) am I sowing right now?
  • What seeds (thoughts) did I already sow?
  • What seeds (thoughts) am I nurturing in my garden?
  • And what plants (seeds/thoughts manifested into happenings) do I weed out?

Make sure your seeds (thoughts) are of a healthy, happy and abundant nature. Because those seeds (thoughts) make your garden (experience), and create your future look, feel, smell, taste and sound of your personal garden (experience).

Happy seeding!

365 Days of Happiness – October 21, 2017

Expand yourself!

When you stretch your body, mind and spirit, you will extend yourself to all new. New ways, strengths, possibilities, understandings and new knowledge. You expand to an experience of a new way to BE.

Now, you will not have to stretch your body, mind and spirit far in situations where you feel good, where all works out the way you want it, where you agree with all and understand everything.

But you will get the opportunity to stretch and expand yourself here:

  • Look and feel where it’s not working for you, where it’s not feeling good for you and where you don’t agree or understand.
  • Look and feel outside of your comfort zone, go where your fear lays.
  • Look and feel where you don’t like or agree with others.
  • Look and feel everywhere where un-ease IS for you.

Right there, in these uncomfortable places, stretch your body, mind and spirit to all new ways, thoughts, views and learning that could BE for you. Look and feel into your un-ease and ask “What new and different can I expand into here?” Be wide open for anything, and go beyond your believes, thoughts and normal ways.

Stretch yourself thinner, and in the process you will grow wider and wiser.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make is a day of immense expansion!

365 Days of Happiness – October 20, 2017

Happy memory!

Pick a memory when you were the happiest ever. What was it like? What was the occasion? How did you feel? How did you look? What were your thoughts?

Re-live it again, and then go on a date with this beautiful remembrance. Just you and your happy memory, talking and thinking vividly about your potent happiness. Re-feel it again. Smile and bathe in this “high for life” feeling. Become and BE that happiness all over again. Wow!

Realize that this powerful happiness never left you and was never gone. It can’t, because that happiness and you are never separate.

Just like honey and sweetness, they are never separate. Sweetness never leaves honey, and honey can’t be “not” sweet. Honey and sweetness are always one and the same, because honey IS sweetness.

You and that potent happiness, are one and the same. That happiness is always there, because that potent happiness IS YOU. It IS who and what YOU ARE.

Once you understand that and choose to align with yourself, which is happiness, you ARE happiness.

“Happiness is the highest form of health!” ~Dalai Lama

And a healthy being (healthy in body, mind and spirit), is a connected “to the higher good” being. And that IS the “top of the world” experience!

365 Days of Happiness – October 19, 2017

Pause your doing and repeat!

  • Today is the day for me to BE my breath.
    Today is the day for me to BE my calm.
    Today is the day for me to BE my resistance free flow. 
    Today is the day for me to let everything wash through me.
    Today is the day for me to BE my peace.
    Today is the day for me to BE my love and light.
    Today is the day for me to BE my happiness.

Smile, breathe and enjoy!

365 Days of Happiness – October 18, 2017

Take every moment you can to look up into the sky!

And every time, look up consciously, like you see it for the first time. Because you do! The sky is an every changing scenery, so what you are looking at right now, you do see it for the first time.

And with every new sky scenery, there is a new experience for you to receive, and a new energy and feeling for you to feel.

So ask yourself every time you look up, “How do I feel looking at this sky?” Don’t think hard about it. Take the first feeling that comes to you, and feel your feeling freely. Accept, respect, appreciate, thank and love this feeling. Because this is YOU!

This lets you re-awaken feelings in you. And with feeling them, you will either clean them out in a healing way, or you will fill yourself up with “high for life” feelings in a big way.

Then, move on in your new day and look up again as soon as you can. So you can feel more…

365 Days of Happiness – October 17, 2017

BE generous!

Generosity is a “high for life” energy that lifts you to vibrate in a high vibrational frequency. And in that frequency is where all magnificence exists.

Being generous also lifts the energy of whom you are generous to into that high vibrational frequency.

That means you are co-creating this amazing energy together, with the fantastic side effect of spreading it to everything and everyone around you.

Being generous IS a world changer!

So, BE generous with your smiles, laughs, hugs, compliments, kindness, happiness, helping others, making way for others, sharing and giving all you can. BE especially generous with sharing your love and light.

BE the most generous person there is, and see what happens!

365 Days of Happiness – October 16, 2017

First, light a candle!

Right after waking up to your new day, when you are still fresh and clean with your thoughts and energy, go light a candle.

Light the candle consciously and in a ceremonial way. Look at its light and feel it! Breathe, and fold your hands in front of your heart in a prayer position.

Now say your personal mantra for your new day. Speak freely from your heart. There are no limits, and your daily mantra can be different every day. The only rule is to keep it positive and make it feel good for you.

The following mantra is meant as an inspiration for you:

Good new day my spirit, and all spirits. I love myself, and I love all others. Thank you for this new day, I am excited for it. I am well. I am happy. I am grateful. I am fully of love and light. I intend to give my best today. I intend to be happy today. I intend to make this the best day yet. I intend to shine my light and do good for me and all others today. Thank you for all that is for me today. I love it already. So be it!

Then get busy in your new magnificent day. Smile!

Notice how your days shift to a normality of amazingness, with this “first, light a candle” practice.

Lighting a candle is a very sacred and beneficial act!

365 Days of Happiness – October 14, 2017

Hang on tight!

Think of a monkey bar at a playground. You swing forward from bar to bar, while hanging and holding on tight to at least one bar with at least with one hand. And once you have a firm grip on the next bar, you let go of the last bar and keep swinging forward. And so on…

You can do the same with your happiness.

Start out by being happy, and then swing forward on your happiness monkey bar. Swing from happiness to happiness, while keeping a tight grip on feeling the present happiness, until you have a firm grip on feeling the next happiness. Which then turns into your present happiness. And on you go, swinging…

Swinging on your happiness monkey bar means, you are telling everything but happiness, “Sorry, I can’t hang out and play with you, I am busy hanging out and playing with happiness. Because it suits me.”

And all other feelings, you can acknowledge with blessings. You can accept, respect, thank and love for them for the gift they represent. You just won’t hang out and play with them.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Go swing on your happiness monkey bar!

365 Days of Happiness – October 13, 2017

Loose yourself!

At least every now and then, just for a bit.

Because that opens up all new and exciting for you. And it keeps you flexible, spontaneous and open to all.

Here is my little story to this…

I had a very set and timed plan for today. This smart plan made sure I got everything done on time, without hurrying. I was excited for my planned day. All was great! 

Until my new day took my plan, crushed it and recycled it into a much much greater plan. A plan I did not even know could be. That is when all went from great to super great!

So here I am, sitting in a beautiful cafe, by a window with a magnificent tree that is absolutely smiling at me, like it knew I was coming. Enjoying a delicious hot drink, while writing my blog. That was totally not the plan! Inspiring!

And before that, I got to watch a Quidditch game, live and with real muggle people. Promise, I am not making this up. And it was certainly not the plan. Fun!

Those are just two of the plan-changing fantastic experiences I was gifted with. And the day is not over… I am clearly getting the message “Don’t make anymore plans for today!” 

Now, I still will get everything done, but as to when and where, I will just go with the universal flow that is for me. Exciting!

You might not be able to be that flexible every day, I am not either. But on the days where you can, even if only part time, you really should take the universe’s offer and love for you, and loose yourself in whatever it has in store for you.

Expect magic to happen, when you say “YES” to getting lost!