“Happiness is always present. It is very different in every single moment. You just have to choose it, commit to it, and want to learn to BE it.”

Hello, my name is  Jacqueline Pirtle.

I grew up in Switzerland. From a very young age I realized that I perceive and feel life and the world differently than others. I embraced this gift and through many courses, researches and self-learning I refined my abilities intensively. I am continuously studying everything in the field of happiness, mindfulness, energy healing and metaphysics.

My studies and professional training include “happiness-school-of-life,” energy healing, medium ship, travel, herbology and botany, nutrition, pregnancy and prenatal care, homeopathy, anatomy, kinesiology, crystals, dermatology, pharmaceuticals, beauty, health and wellness, animals, children and people.

I hold diplomas as Drogistin and Healing-Beautician from Switzerland. And I am internationally certified as a Reiki Master.

I have been practicing my healer, medium ship, and psychic abilities all my life and started supporting and guiding clients of all ages and animals since 2006.

I am happily married, and I am a proud mom of two young adults and multiple cats.

It is my mission to open your heart, tickle the happiness you already ARE, and infuse you with all the happiness of everything!

I believe in happiness, magic, and miracles.

I believe that everything is possible!

Contact me for your happiness!