Happiness In Progress With Danielle Craig Interviewing Jacqueline Pirtle

My newest podcast episode is live 🙂 Exciting! 
Happiness in progress with Danielle Craig is hosting me.
Jacqueline Pirtle says happiness is her superpower. She’s the author of 365 Days of Happiness and the founder of FreakyHealer.com. She has worked as a mindfulness-happiness coach and international speaker.
We talked about how you can choose happiness on a daily basis, why she decided to get into this work and her new book.
Danielle says: I’m giving away a copy of her book, 365 Days of Happiness on Instagram.
Enjoy listening!

Soul Speak Podcast – Gabrielle Orcutt hosting Jacqueline Pirtle

To wake up and find out that this podcast episode went live IS my happiness! Enjoy listening to it 🙂

Finding Your Happiness, Jacqueline Pirtle Season 1 Episode 3

Topics Discussed on the show:

  • 4:30 being happy is hard
  • 6:30 house work & happiness
  • 9:00 practice happiness during trauma
  • 12:00 “You’re TOO happy!” no, it’s my biggest power
  • 13:00 Feeling stuck in trauma
  • 16:00 using your happiness as power
  • 22:00 radical self care practice
  • 29:00 heighten your energy
  • 31:00 bumping into the angry bus drive
  • 36:00 being an empath
  • 40:00 current projects/working with Jacqueline