365 Days of Happiness – November 11, 2017

The gift of a visitor!

Think of a loved calling you, saying “Hey, I have a few days off and I am deciding where to spend these free days. You are on the list, but before I make my decision as to where, I need to know if it is beautiful where you live? What do you love about your place, and why would it be an amazing place for me to come visit? Besides you being there.”

You immediately jump on convincing that loved to come visit you. You tell her/him about your beautiful home, all the breathtaking places you have, all the good food there is, and all the fun adventures and outings that are available. You rave about it all!

With you raving about where and how you live, and convincing your loved one to come visit, you re-feel all that amazing goodness that IS already there for you, every single day. But because you see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel it every day, it became your every day normal, and your conscious feeling of it is way toned down.

But you just re-freshed it all. It became alive and vivid again for you!

So, pretend you need to convince your loved one to come visit you. Pause and think for a minute about how you really feel about where and how you live? What beauty IS already right there for you? What do you love about it all? How happy does living there, and that way, make you feel? What outings do you love or could you go on? What adventures could you re-do, or go to newly?

Really indulge in these thoughts, visualizations and feelings. Re-fresh them all on a daily base. Be vivid and alive about them.

And enjoy the shift to consciously see, hear, smell, taste, think, feel and love where you live and how you live, again and again.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a vivid one!

365 Days of Happiness – November 10, 2017

Imagine you are at a market to buy fresh produce. First you pause for a moment and take in this beautiful sight of all this delicious food. That shifts you into total excitement, because you get to go and choose the most perfect produce, which will make you feel good.

So you start your mission and walk to the first stand. You pause and look at all the produce that stand is offering. Some of it looks and feels super fresh, and some looks and feels not that fresh. You pick the produce that looks and feels freshest to you. You pay and move to the next stand, where you pick the freshest and most feel good produce again. You shop like this until the last stand. And at the end, you look at your full bag, filled with the freshest and most feel good produce you could find. You smile, and oh man, you feel so good.

The reason you feel so good, is because you chose what looked and felt good to you, and respectfully declined what did not look and feel good to you.

Life invites you to do exactly that, with all “there IS” in your awareness.

Here is how…

First… Acknowledge everything in your awareness, just like you acknowledged all produce at that market. Because without feeling and looking at everything you can’t choose what makes you feel good.

Then… Accept, respect, appreciate, thank and love all there IS, for being a gift and opportunity for you.

Now… Pick and choose all that is feeling good for you. Fill your “bag of life” with it, take it home and indulge in it.

And… Respectfully decline all that is not feeling good for you. Leave that behind and outside of your “bag of life.”

And at the end, look at your full bag of life, filled with the most “feel good” there IS.

Smile, and enjoy this feeling of “Oh man, I just feel so good.”



365 Days of Happiness – November 9, 2017

Imagine you are planning a magnificent gathering to celebrate life. You choose the location, the decorations, the food and the drinks. You send out beautiful invitations to all guests. All is ready and set to go. You are so excited!

But then, on that specific day, the weather is not cooperating at all. You decide to move the date to another day, so the celebration can be of amazing quality and fun. All is good.

So there arrives that special day again, but the weather is not cooperating at all. Actually it is even more severe this time. With a sigh, you decide to move the celebration yet again to another day. But this time, you announce to all guests, that no matter what the weather does, the celebration IS happening on this new date.

Because you decided that you, and not the weather, are in charge to make this gathering happen. And you realized that instead of basing the quality and fun of this celebration on the weather, you rather base it on you and how you see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel this celebration. And you got to the understanding, that good and bad weather IS part of that exact life, you are celebrating with this gathering.

So there arrives your special day again. The weather is so-so…. But it has no impact on the quality and fun of this celebration. Because you took charge, made it happen and choose to have a blast. And that was exactly what this gathering to celebrate life was , a blast for you and everyone!

Your new day IS that gathering to celebrate life!

And you can experience it in two ways…

You can either base the quality and fun in your new day on the weather, other people and all happenings. Which means you keep moving your celebration of life further out, day by day. “I will be happy tomorrow, when everything is perfect…”


You can decide that you are in charge to make your new day happen. You can realize, that instead of basing the quality and fun of your new day on other people and happenings, you rather base it on you and how you see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel this celebration of life. And you can utilize the understanding, that good and bad are part of that life you are celebrating with this new day.

I count on you to choose the latter!

Because you deserve to have a blast at your gathering to celebrate your amazing life and being!

365 Days of Happiness – November 8, 2017

You need your own cloud!

So you can ask all your questions, and hear all pure answers for you.

Imagine this…

You look up at all the clouds in the sky. You pick the one that you love most. Once you chose your cloud, you fly up high, right up to it. You are now standing in front of your beautiful cloud. You see that there is a door. You open that door and slip into a huge empty space in your cloud. You close the door. You are all alone, and there is no noise, no view, no smell, no taste, no thoughts and no feelings present. It is completely “sound-view-smell-taste-thought and feeling-proof” in there. You sit down and breathe. Welcome in your nothing space!

In that nothing space is where you can ask any questions you have about you. And that is also where you can hear all pure and fitting answers for you loud and clear. In that nothing space is where your own clarity IS.

Because looking for answers outside of you, will not get you pure and fitting information for you. All answers from outside come loaded with other people’s energies of feelings, opinions, judgments, old recordings and more. Which makes them not pure for you.

But looking for answers when you are in your pure and neutral cloud space, is where you get all the goodies of answers that make your experience a “high for life” one.

So go, BE in your cloud often!