365 Days of Happiness – April 6, 2017

We live in a universe where everything is made up of energy that vibrates in different frequencies. For example, the energy of love vibrates on a high frequency and the energy of anger vibrates on a low frequency. Optimally you want to be in a frequency of high vibrations, because that is where all the magic is. Being there will also attract more energies that vibrate in a high frequency, which lifts you higher and higher so you can create more and more of this goodness. It is all connected. Which brings me to the low energies like anger, fear, hate etc. We all have these low energies pop up from time to time and that shifts our energy to vibrate in a low frequency. No harm done that you shifted, just realize it and don’t stay there, shift yourself back to energies that vibrate in a high frequency as soon as possible. The way to do that is to honor your low energies with accepting, respecting, thanking and loving them. For example, all was fine and then you got angry, you shifted from a high frequency to a low frequency. Acknowledge your anger and say or think “I am angry!” Ignore the why! Now honor your anger and say or think “My dear anger, I accept you… as a part of me, I respect you… as a powerful force in me, I thank you… for showing up, I love you… as a part of me.” Doing so will shift you immediately into high energies of thankfulness and love, which means you immediately vibrate in a high frequency. And we all know where the magic is! It will also release resistance towards your anger and living without resistance shifts you into a flow, which is a high frequency. And probably the most powerful effect is that it brings all parts of you -your high energies and your low energies- together into one big magical being, that is honored, celebrated and loved as a whole. And that is ultimate self love, which is one of the purest high energies to feel and be. Being in that state of wholeness, you can then honor and love others as a whole. Which radiates their honor and love for your whole back to you. Beautiful!

365 Days of Happiness – April 5, 2017

“But why?” That is a popular and very delicate question. Because on one hand it can bring you further when things are not working out. You ask the why to find out the what so you can change it. Wonderful use, because you shift yourself from unhappy to happy, which means you shift to living from your heart. On the other hand, if you have an inspiration, idea, wish or dream and ask “But why?”, it will automatically stop your flow or momentum for that amazing thought you just had. You were happy, living from your heart and just put a stop to it. Because you did not trust your hearts desire, but rather shifted to running your old programming of “I have to understand the why!” Choose your why wisely. If you are unhappy, ask the why so you can shift to being happy. If you are happy, don’t mind the why and just keep flowing with your happiness, which comes straight from your heart, and that is your conscious, which is pure you! And that is where magic is happening ❤❤❤

365 Days of happiness – April 4, 2017

“You are FREE!” You are a free spirit! You are free to choose and think, free to do, say and hear. You are free of your past and you are free for your future. You are free to be happy or to be unhappy, healthy or unhealthy. You are free to serve others or not serve others. You are free to love or not to love. You are free to believe or not believe. “You are FREE!” That is a basic fact! Knowing that, close your eyes for a minute and say out loud “I am FREE!”. Say it as many times as you like. Feel this! Now in this realization of absolute freedom, let your imagination take you to what you so dearly desire to do or be. Feel this! And then follow your desire. 

365 Days of Happiness – April 3, 2017

Pick your “high for life” word for today! Is it love, peace, joy, happiness, smile, laughter, kindness, playful? Pick any high vibratinal word that shifts you into a deep connection to your heart and brings you to your now. Close your eyes and say or think your chosen word. Feel this, breathe and stay with your wonderful feelings. Say or think your chosen word all day and night long as a mantra to get you back into your heart and into your now. Feel your wonderful feelings. Also see, feel and hear the meaning of your chosen word everywhere. For example, if you choose peace, see peace in yourself when you look in the mirror, see peace in all the people you encounter, see peace in your food and drinks, see peace in the sky and clouds, hear peace in the sounds surrounding you, feel peace in the wind and sun. Focus completely on the word peace everywhere. Guess what you create with that? Peace within and around you. You are a powerful creator of whatever you desire to feel. Important is that you connect to your heart and stay in your now. And then use your mind and all the universal information to get creating! Have fun! 

365 Days of Happiness – April 1, 2017

Look for sparkles everywhere today! Sparkles in water drops, sparkles in sunshine and the sky, sparkles in stores and in your home, sparkles in people’s eyes and kids, sparkles in make up and clothes, sparkles in food and drinks, sparkles in and on yourself, sparkles on flowers and animals… I promise, you will see a sparkling world if you focus on it. Sparkles initiate a magical, lighthearted and happy feeling. Feel it, stay in it and fill yourself with it. You will sparkle from the inside out and it will make you smile. Then continue on your sparkle mission. Become a sparkle-ologist! Enjoy this shift to your “high for life” feeling! 
Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Read through all the 365 Days of Happiness blogs of this week and practice them all in one day! You will shift to a happiness overflow, which enchants your world. ❤